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Greetings everyone to my first blog post. It’s appropriate as an immigrant from the British Isles that I deliver it on April 23 – William Shakespeare’s birthday and 52 years later to the day, his death in 1616.

Last night, the 22nd, I spoke to the Appanoose County Historical Society’s annual meeting. The previous Monday I spoke to an audience at Moravia Public Library. As usual, I came home with such feelings of warmth and support.
Plans are now evolving, at the suggestion of Sharon Burch who has been, and is, fabulous. 1) Already: a WEBSITE under my name and the title of the book: Centerville A Mid-American Saga, is in place.  2)So is from today a BLOG that will update you on new developments. 3)An E-BOOK version of the book will be available from History Press later in the year: I’ll alert you when I know the date. 4) Beginning this week, a 10-15 minute VIDEO of the history of Centerville will be made with many photographs all supplied by wonderful Lisa Eddy at the Museum. The video will be placed at key locations such as Honey Creek for viewing by visitors. 4) Plans are underway for ways to expand this idea. 5) Also beginning this week, I will start READING the book onto CD’s.
Eventually  this version of the extraordinary history of Centerville and Appanoose County will be available.  I’ll keep you posted! Enfys